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Find the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Whether you’re heading out on a last-minute vacation or staying in the UK to explore more of your own backyard, the most important accessory you don’t want to overlook is a ​good pair of sunglasses.

Not only do they help protect your eyes from the dangers of UV light, but they also keep you looking pretty darn cool. No summer outfit is truly complete without a pair!


Because glasses cover a considerable amount of your face, it’s important to choose ones that will fit your face shape and compliment your features – balancing and harmonising your face by concealing what you don’t like and emphasizing what you want to show off.

The dangers of choosing the wrong​ ​pair of sunglasses are similar to wearing a badly fitted shirt. They’ll work against you by drawing attention to all the wrong places.

There are 5 basic face shapes ​out there that we will cover in this post. These are:

  1. Round
  2. Square
  3. Heart
  4. Triangular
  5. Oval

NOTE: ​Understanding your face shape will not only help you choose the right pair of sunglasses for you but also the right hairstyles and beard shapes – and that sounds like some pretty handy information to have, if you ask us.


How to know if you have it: ​A round face will have softer angles and fuller cheekbones. The forehead and jaw will usually be equally wide. Forehead might also be the same width as the cheeks. This face shape has a rounded jaw and chin and subtle cheekbones.

What your glasses should do for you:​ The right pair of sunglasses will help to balance out the roundness and softness of your face by providing more structure and definition. It can help sharpen your features as well!

sunglasses 1 image

Choose: ​Sunglasses with sharper edges that contrast your face shape. Opt for boxier, more angular frames like the Hollywood-style square sunglasses.

Another great option is Wayfarer glasses. If you’re looking for something slightly more edgy and cool, check out these ​Maverick glasses​ ​(£49.95) from Swole Panda – a more modern take on the Wayfarer frame.

Avoid:​ Round, soft edges as these will blend with your face shape and features too much.


How to know if you have it: ​A square face will have more angular lines and often very strong and sharp facial features. The forehead should be equally as wide as the cheekbones and jaw – forming a straight line along the sides of your face.

What your glasses should do for you: ​They will help you soften your angular features.

Choose:​ Shapes that contrast your face shape. Go for oval or round frames. Depending on the style you go for, these can be turned into a real statement piece, adding a little vintage flair to your look. They can also make you appear more sophisticated.

Aviator sunglasses (with that teardrop shape) will help you balance out your cheekbones and elongate your face. Did you know that these were originally developed for pilots in 1936, to help protect their eyes while flying (hence their name)?

Whatever your preference, choose sunglasses with thin frames as they’re not too bold or overwhelming. Remember, we want to soften those features!

Avoid: ​Boxy designs. Rectangular and square frames will only add more sharpness and angles to your already angular face.


How to know if you have it: ​This face shape is widest at the forehead and gradually becomes more narrow at the cheekbones and jaw. The cheekbones are often very prominent.

What your glasses should do for you:​ Draw attention away from your cheeks and broaden your chin.

sunglasses 2 image

Choose:​ Pick bottom-heavy frames if you have a narrow chin and would like to add more width there. Clubmasters can help you achieve this result, while also being an absolute classic! ​This pair​ is from Swole Panda (£49.95) and features a 1960’s browline style.

Oval frames will work best if you’d like to soften a pointy chin, prominent cheekbones and any other angular features. A semi-rimless or rimless design here will help to minimise the look of glasses on your face for a very subtle look.

Square or rectangular frames, on the other hand, can help you balance out any curves.

Avoid: ​This face shape is quite versatile and you can pick different frames depending on what effect you’d like to achieve.


How to know if you have it: ​This face shape is widest at the jaw and gradually becomes more narrow at the cheekbones and forehead.

What your glasses should do for you:​ Help balance out the proportions of your face by contrasting its shape.

Choose:​ Sunglasses that are wider at the top and narrow towards the bottom. The best option for you would be top-heavy frames like aviators. Other great choices include clubmasters​, browline glasses and D frames.

Avoid:​ Stay away from bottom-heavy frames.


How to know if you have it: ​An oval face shape will be widest at the cheekbones and more narrow at the forehead and chin, with a soft jawline.

What your glasses should do for you: ​You’re lucky to have a face shape that looks great in most frames, so design and style options are endless for you, my friend! Take advantage of this and choose your sunglasses based on the ‘look’ you’re trying to go for.

Choose: ​Experiment with some bolder designs that others find difficult to pull off.

Avoid: ​Nothing. The world’s your oyster.

sunglasses 3 image


Once you understand all the basics of what different frames can do for your face shape, don’t forget to inject a little bit of your own personality into your sunglasses. Check out those tortoise shell ​clubmasters​ (£49.95), for example!

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