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How to Dress for the Early Spring

Spring is finally here and, with it, the unpredictable and ever-changing weather of March and April.

Some days it’s foggy, wet and depressing outside. Other days, the sun is shining and you’re sweating through all of your clothes. From snowstorms to heatwaves, the UK in April has seen it all.

It can be a real nightmare to figure out what to wear at this time of the year. Luckily, we combined some useful tips to help you out:


Layering is a must during the early months of Spring.

What you want is a few simple layers to help you stay prepared for any changes in temperature throughout the day. Think outer layers that are easy to remove in case it gets warmer.

Knitwear is excellent for layering – wear it as a mid layer on cold days and as an outer layer on milder days.

Some of our favourite types of sweaters to try this Spring are a roll neck, turtleneck and a half zip sweater. These will keep you warm and protected from the wind while eliminating the need for a scarf.

A simple way to make your outfit a bit lighter.

A good jacket

When it’s way too warm for your wool overcoat but too cold to leave the house without any cover, a jacket will do just great.

Showers are common at this time of the year, so it’s best to go for something that’s water-repellent. This blue-green puffer jacket from Casa Moda is one of our favourites.

Some other great options include:

An overshirt. An overshirt, or a heavyweight shirt, is like a hybrid between a shirt and a jacket. Made from thicker fabrics than your regular button-down, it’ll keep you protected from the elements and is simple to remove.

Wear it between a tee and a jacket or on top of a button-down-shirt and sweater combo.

A bomber jacket. It’s lightweight and perfect for a sunny day. It will look great when paired with some slim fit trousers and a pair of leather biker gloves.

A denim jacket. A timeless piece that’s available in many different colours and styles. A sherpa or fleece lined denim jacket is perfect for early spring – it adds that extra layer of insulation which means it can be worn on top of lighter pieces, eliminating the need for additional layers.

Wear yours on top of a white crew neck or tee for a polished, put together look.

A sports jacket. Arguably one of the most classy pieces of menswear for Spring. Every man needs to own at least one!

A sports jacket will look great when paired with a complementing button-down shirt.

Here, we tied the look together by adding a waistcoat as a mid layer.

A peacoat. We know, we know – technically not a jacket. But we think it deserves a mention.

A peacoat is easily one of the most stylish outerwear pieces. Wear it over a fisherman rib jumper, a button-down shirt and crew neck combo or pair it with a breton jumper for that classic ‘sailor’ look.

Lighter shoes

Replace your chunky winter boots with some more lightweight desert boots. Alternatively, if you’d like more protection from the cold, opt for the classic chelsea boot.

You simply can’t go wrong with those.

Embrace colour

During winter we all bury ourselves in the greys, blacks and neutrals, but now it’s time to have some more fun with our outfits.

A pinch of colour here and there can really help to liven up any outfit.

An easy way to introduce more colour into your wardrobe is by experimenting with shirts (think pastels, fun prints and florals), knitwear and socks! Check out these playful socks from Swole Panda.

Never forget your umbrella

Don’t be deceived by the sun shining brightly through your window in the morning. Always keep a good umbrella on you to stay dry when the rain comes.

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