On 28th September 1784, D. Gurteen & Sons was established when Daniel Gurteen (1750-1813) a master weaver of Huguenot descent paid £1,000 into the bank.

He specialised in weaving a material called Drabbett, which was used for making smocks and worn by the agricultural workers of the time.

The business grew rapidly, and in 1880 at the onset of the industrial revolution, Daniel Gurteen III invested in mechanisation by installing a magnificent steam engine that remains in the factory and in pristine condition to this day.

The business expanded into the manufacture of men’s clothing, silk smocks and by 1900 the company was employing some 2,500 people in and around Haverhill.

This close link between the family and town remains as important as ever. In WW2 the Gurteen factory, named Chauntry Mills, was fully occupied making uniforms and clothing with some 1,500 stockists throughout the United Kingdom.

The company developed a strong reputation for good fitting, well made, quality clothing – and continued to grow from strength to strength

Today, Gurteen is run by the sixth and seventh generation of the family who share the excitement and challenges of a 21st century marketplace.



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